Macron admits Yellow Vest chaos COULD be his fault — ‘I made MISTAKES’

Then he continuing, blaming the rest of the EU, nationalism, Italy and the working classes for the problem.

President Emmanuel Macron of France is trying to appear as if, after sixteen weeks of protests, he is finally acknowledging his initial handling of the yellow vest protest movement was flawed and high handed, admitting it exacerbated the unrest. The europhile president, who recently infuriated his critics by signing a treaty that will lead to closer economic and political integration between France and Germany, also warned against giving in to the wave of nationalism sweeping across the bloc, as he called for a “strong, united and sovereign” Europe.

He said: “When we move ahead too quickly … we make mistakes. I’ve made mistakes in the past, which are part of the explanation for the [yellow vest] crisis. We cannot leave those who need to work, to live, to move face an uncertain future devoid of opportunities,” he continued, as he called for “reconciliation” following 16 weeks of sometimes violent anti-government protests.

In fact that amounts to a non — admission of culpability because Macron treied the same grovelling mea culpa trick back in December, as reported by France 24, before ramping up the police violence in a bid to suppress criticism of his regime.

Yellow Vests protest in the Champs Elysee ( Picture credit: Christian Hartmann, REUTERS yellow vest movement — which takes its name from the fluorescent safety jackets all French drivers must carry in their cars — started way back in mid-November over rising fuel costs and planned fuel tax hikes but quickly morphed into a popular revolt against Mr Macron’s perceived neglect of the working class and globalist, pro-business economic policies.

His government has since deployed paramilitary police to quash the crisis — which is still ongoing — and when that failed he tried promising to increase the minimum wage, slash taxes for low-income pensioners, tax-free overtime pay and a scuttling of the controversial fuel tax. Unfortunately for his government, few people believed him.

Mr Macron also spoke against the continuing growth of support for nationalist parties in Europe, as he called for the soon-to-be 27-member bloc to remain “united and sovereign”. The boy Macron seems to have a very vague grasp of what sovereign means as only yesterday his mentor Hausfrau — Volksfuhrer Merkel was demanding that member states surrender sovereignty over border control to the EU.

Urging EU states to fight against any form of “retreat into nationalism,” the 41-year-old said countries needed to instead focus on an advance into Maoism working together to resolve common problems, such as mass immigration from sub-Saharan Africa and economic slowdowns. Again Macron is talking through his derriere, since being elected he has constantly called for more immigration and more erosion of European cultures to accomodate the excesses of Islamic extremism.

He said: “No country in Europe, not Italy, not France, will solve its problems by opposing itself to other European countries and by turning inwards at national level. We will solve our problems by cooperating.” Or as his German allies might put it, “Ve haff vays of making you cooperate.”

UPDATE (16 March)
Although reliable reports of this week’s (week 16) protests are not filtering through the newsfeeds as yet, unconfirmed accounts suggest that now Marcon’s ‘National debate’ has concluded with nothing resolved, France’s Yellow Vests have turned violent again today with cars torched, buildings vandalised and petrol bombs thrown, following the end of President Macron’s unsuccessful ‘great debate’ — during which thousands of town meetings were conducted over a two-month period in the hopes of solving national issues through citizen debates covering immigration, surrender of sovereignty to the EU, jobs and the issue of high taxes and falling living standards . Macron did not help his cause by appointing as organiser of the great debate an academic who was paid twenty times the average wage.

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