Lockdown: Snivelling Ninny Party And Bossy Public Officials Want To Keep Us Locked Down Forever

This is a very British article but you will recognise certain archetypes that occur in every liberal society

As British people spntaneouly rejected the continuing — and now known to be totally unnecessary lockdown rules the usual pack of snivelling ninnies who live in fear of absolutely everything and hold an unshakable belief that anybody who does not share their cringing, cowardly lifestyle poses a personal threat to us all to crawl out of the woodwork and start whining.

MPs belonging to the Snivelling Ninnies party in parliament have called on ocal councils in towns with attractive beaches must adopt Spanish-style booking systems on British beaches to better deal with crowds and avoid the chaotic scenes that unfolded last week, MPs have said.

“Oh look at all these stupid irresponsible people flouting regulations, they must be forced to remain under house arrest or we will all die of a very minor illness,” they snivel. “Why can’t we be like Spain where the beaches are empty,” they whine. It does not occour to these hald wits as they indullge in orgies of wailing and gnashing teeth that the reason Spanish beaches are empty is the British, German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Danish and other nationality holiday makers who would normally be packing onto those beaches right now just cannot get there. It is not practical to go Spain but we can drive to Bournmouth, Blackpool, Torquay or Scarborough. Once the tourists turn up with their money those Spanish towns will have their beaches and their till open to welcome all comers with a loud Ker — ching.

This bid to extend lockdown for no good reason came as some Government medical advisers suggested that large gatherings on beaches were actually safer than remaining indoors, and may not be “a great danger.”

One said: “They’re all outdoors and if every one of those groups is a family then what’s the worry?”

A major incident was declared in Bournemouth, Dorset, on Thursday after about half a million people ignored social distancing rules (they obviously read alt_media news and know it doesn’t work,) to flock to the beach. Traffic on main roads tailed back for miles, drunken fights broke out and more than 40 tonnes of rubbish was strewn across the sand. Three people were stabbed and eight were arrested.

The chaos triggered an extraordinary blame game as Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council weere slammed by MPs and community groups for failing to predict the influx and take preventative action.

We not that out of all these whining left wing idiot voices not one was raised in protest about the Black Lives Matter disorder in which social distancing was ignored as “peaceful protestors burned cars and destroyed property. But then hypocrisy has always been the core value of left wing politics.

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If people are that scared of the virus let them adopt reclusive livestyles, isolated from all human contact. There is not jusification for trying to impose such misery on all of us.

Final word: For over a hundred years now it has been accepted medical wisdom that for a specific pathogen to be considered the sole cause of a disease it must meet all items in a set of criteria known as the Koch postulates. COVID-19 does not meet all of these, in fact it meets none. So technically the disease does not exist.

What are you all afraid of?
Catching a cold?

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