Likewise the UK government’s latest attempt to whip up Russophobia, by producing the two men ‘responsible for’ the Skripal poisoning earlier this year is supported by no real evidence.

Oh sure, photos were published of two guys walking ‘past the Skripals’ house,’ except it did not show the house or any landmark that would enable identification of the area. It could have been any two guys in any street.

Not only that, the picture was obviously photoshopped, the figures had a thin white line surrounding them, a sure sign of digital manipulation (or maybe these men earn their living as life models for those chalk figures that appear at murder scenes.)

Again, while we cannot prove the suspects named by Prime Minister Theresa May are not the poisoners, that does not prove they are.

And nobody is in a hurry to explain how these two managed to contaminate their hitel room with Novichock, the highly potent nerve agent used to fail to kill the Skripals. Contact with miniscule amounts of Novichok will result in death according to the UK government, they these to, if the official narrative is to be believed, randomly splashed copious amounts of it around Salisbury and then spilled some in their hotel room without suffering any ill effects.

The whole story is as ludicrous as the Russian collusion story which has been used unsuccessfully to try to discredit the result of the US 2016 election. Is it any wonder Governments and their corporate cronies are so desperate to censor the internet?

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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