Liberal News Site BuzzFeed Pilloried On Social Media After Fake News ‘bombshell’ on Mueller & Trump

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Social media site Twitter has been a leading force in witch hunt by the US liberal left to impeach President Trump. In spite of leading Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi constantly calling on the Special Counsel team headed by Obama appointee Robert Mueller to trigger the impeachment process they believe would result in Trump being removed from office, the Mueller inquiry has produced no evidence of ‘high crimes and misdemeanour’ against the president.

This small detail does not seem to deter the democrats, after all if they can believe somebody born with a penis and still in possession of his dangly bits is really a woman simply because he wishes it so, its hardly a stretch to believe a politician is guilty of something simply because his opponents wish it so.

Since Trump’s victory in the 2016 election wild accusations that he collaborated with the Russian government have been flung about by Democrat politicians, liberal media organisations and Hollywood luvvies, none of which have been supported by a shred of credible evidence. These is plenty of evidence suggesting people involved in the election campaign were associated in some way with dodgy dealings, but unfortunately for Ms. Pelosi, (rather inappropriately a dead ringer for Mother Demdike,) and Witchsniffer Pursuivant Schumer it points in the opposite direction to the one they want. And questionable uranium trades are not the only evidence to suggest the wrong campaign is being investigated.

But little things like evidence and due process do not concern social Justice Warriors on a mission, and the witch hunt has blundered on, losing more and more credibility until, having sunk below decimal zero long ago, it is now hovering just above absolute zero, preserved from total collapse only by the power of faith.

The latest fiasco occurred this week, when the strongly liberal Buzzfeed online news site ran a story that proof had been obtained of Trump ordering his lawyer to lie to Congressional investigators. Left leaning news channels and print media went into meltdown, claiming that it wad the ‘smoking gun’ that linked Donald J Trump and Vladimir Putin, who are allegedly gay lovers according to some witch hunters, in a conspiracy to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. The excitement was short lived however, Mueller himself stated the BuzzFeed report claiming Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen lied to Congress on his boss’ orders was “not accurate.”

Or to use a buzz phrase, it was Buzzfeed FAKE NEWS.

Twitter having been set alight by the BuzzFeed story that claimed to have proof that President Donald Trump directly instructed his former attorney, Michael Cohen, to lie before Congress on his plans to build a hotel in Moscow that would have seen him meeting Russian officials, was reignited with conservative twits when Mueller shot it down.

After the “bombshell” was largely uncritically repeated by mainstream media, which trumpeted the call for Trump’s impeachment via legions of establishment payroll pundits, it was beautifully ironic that the scoop was busted by the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller himself.

Gov. Mike Huckabee tweeted: @GovMikeHuckabee “Breaking Wind from CNN! Buzzfeed will change it’s name to ‘Buzzard Feed’ because it proudly stands by its discredited, un-sourced, and utterly laughable Fake News about @realDonaldTrump so even after rebuke by Mueller it eats dead, rotted flesh of the roadkill of their story.

Strong words, but deserved considering Buzzfeed had not bothered to do a simple fact check, I though. This was unworthy of me because someone in a comment thread told be that Snopes had confirmed Mueller’s alleged rebuttal was in fact fake news. Oh well, no need to feel guilty, using Snopes as a fact checker is the same as not doing ant fact check.

Facing a torrent of ridicule and derision, BuzzFeed decided to tough it out and stand by its claims while others on the left rallied round. BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith called on Mueller to clarify what exactly he had denied. “We stand by our reporting and the sources who informed it,” he tweeted, without menyioning who the source was or producing any evidence to support the claim.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews (who famously “felt a tingle run up his leg” when he heard Obama speak, — no suggestion of political bias on his part then,) argued that the report being inaccurate “does not mean it is not true.” One can only hope Mr. Mthews had spare underwear handy when he actually met Obama.

NBC’s Ken Dilanian said Mueller denied only that part of the report that said he had obtained Trump organization documents supporting the allegations. He did not publish his evidence of course. He hadn’t done any research either.

The New York Times, still bleeding after being beaten up in a Fake News scandal of its own, finally debunked the story, citing a person familiar with Cohen’s testimony, who told them that the disgraced former lawyer “never implied the president had pressured him to lie to Congress.”

Trump himself saw the craptangle as an opportunity, which he charateristically grabbed, to remind the U.S. public it was Buzzfeed that first published “the totally discredited” Steele Dossier.” BuzzFeed published the former British spy’s largely fabricated evidence of Trump’s links to Russian businessmen in January 2017. “A very sad day for journalism, but a great day for our Country!” Trump tweeted.

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