Jeremy Corbyn’s Detatchment From Reality Leading UK Labour Party Towards Extremism

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UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and ISIS specialist head amputation surgeon Jihadi John (image source)

When the terrorist leader Mohammed Emwazi (aka Jihadi John) a British citizen who did a runner to Syria to fight for ISIS, was “neutralised” by a US drone strike in November 2015, Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, declined to join in the general jubilation, instead expressing the view that “it would have been far better for us all if he had been arrested held to account in a court of law.”

We are aware that Corbyn left Planet reality years ago, to dwell in an imginary socialist utopia, but one would think even he might understand that such an arrest was not an option, given that terrorists are fanatics and believe the most noble thing they can do is sacrifice their lives for “the cause.” Even if that course of action had been pursued, and the NATO forces lined up against the Islamists had sacrificed lives in an attempt to take Emwazi alive, it is by no means certain such an operation would have succeeded. And had it not, Emwazi would have murdered, tortured and raped his way around the Middle East before before some SAS or Navy Seal bullet founbd him. Such people simply do not drop their weapons, raise their hands and say, “it’s a fair cop you get me bang to rights.”

At the time most Labour MPs in the UK Parliament understood this and Corbyn’s views were not welcomed by the majority of his party.

A day after Corbyin utter his most astounding politically correct stupidity to date, Islamic terrorists killed 130 people in Paris in a series of co-ordinated attacks. And in the House of Commons the following week, Corbyn’s own MPs attacked him, both for his comments on Emwazi and also his ambiguous comments about the wisdom of a police shoot-to-kill policy to counter terrorism in the UK.

Detachment from reality on matters concerning terorism were hot new territory for the Labour leader. In 2011, as a paid guest of Press TV, the Iranian state broadcaster, he described the failure to bring Osama bin Laden to trial as “a tragedy” (although if he had developed a strategy to bring such an event about he was keeping it close to his chest).

Drone attacks that have actually killed read people, many of whome posed real threats to civilians in their own nations and in the west, and will do so again again are, in Corbyn’s magical land of Unicorns and fairies, “hypothetical”. Legal prosecutions that in the real world cannot physically happen (because the armed terrorist to be arrested would have no qualms about single handedly, and armed with only an ancient AK47, charging an armoured column dispatched to arrest him,) are what Corbyn cares about.

However, Comrade Corbyn did not get where he is today without learning a thing or two from Comrade ‘Uncle Joe’ Stalin.

Yesterday, Corbyn was asked whether he approved of the latest drone strike to take the life of a UK terrorist fighting for Isil.

This time the target was a woman, the so-called White Widow, real name Sally Jones. When asked if, as Prime Minister, he would have authorised the strike that killed Jones, Corbyn stuck to the line that proved so popular two years ago: “It is difficult to give an answer to a hypothetical question… I think people who have committed crimes ought to be put on trial.”

Although no admirer of hypothetical questions about what he might or might do as Prime Minister, Corbyn is an enthusiast for hypothetical justice. Yet when he made the latest comments about Jones, there were no outbursts from his MPs as there had been in 2015.

It is unlikely, to say the least, that those who risked the wrath of Corbynistas in their local constituency parties in the past have changed their minds about the perils of Islamist terrorism, particularly since the UK has since been the target of same on three occasions since then.

But something has indeed changed in the Labour Party. Out of grudging respect, perhaps, for Corbyn’s achievement in taking their party to within two per cent of the Conservative share of the vote in June’s election, for his part in denying Theresa May the majority she seemed so sure of achieving.

There is another reason they refuse to stick their heads over the parapet. June’s election result — one of the most valiant and heroic defeats in Labour’s long history of valiant and heroic defeats — ensured that Corbyn and the hard Left were virtually guaranteed a tighter grip over all parts of the Labour Party, including, significantly, reselections.

It is not ignoble for moderate MPs to wish to remain in parliament in order to present a sensible alternative to the neo-Marxism of the current leadership; in fact it is laudable — necessary, even.


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