I've said many times the only thing Apple innovated was syllogistic rebranding the first smartphone was probably the Blackberry, I don't remember hearing of one before that, they were useful and appealed to a certain market.

Apple to the concept of a multi function phone, stick an i in front of it and managed , by means of some cheap and swell worn psychological trickery to convince all the people who wanted to be cool that the iPhone was something cool people had.

And suddenly people were paying $stupid for a gadget they didn't do anything with that they couldn't do with their Nokia except wave it around hoping it would make people think they were cool.

Same with tablets. I ran a project for the north west region of Britain's domestic gas utility in the mid 1980s to equip field engineers with tablet computers that could access the central computer system via their private short wave radio system. Apart from being ruggedised they were little different from modern tablets hardware - wise modern softwre is much more advanced of course and there are faster processors and vastly increased memory.

But apple invented the graphic interface, the fan boys protest. Nope, that was Xerox, ther prototype was launched in 1977 and the first commercial product went on sale a couple of years later


Touch sxreen? Hewlett Packard had one on the market in 1985, I don't know if there was anything before that. With a career in IT that stretched back to the lated 1960s behind me I was around for all these developments. They were all developed for specific purposes and served well in their niche.

Apple simply rebranded them and used marketing techniques to convince people owning one was cool.

Why is that i prefix so successful? I dunno, maybe because it represents something people think will solve their insecurity?

To be honest, the only way Apple could make me buy any of their overpriced products is if someone held a gun to my head. I've always regarded them as a marketing company rather than a technology company.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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