I've never looked at Brave. The first result in DuckDuckGo was this one, which looks quite authentic to me


That was followed by a wikipedia item on the title

Then there was a listing from Amazon for a book, The Naked Cpaitalst, a couple more rubbishy things then links to articles etc. from the site

Thing with TOR is everything, absolutely everything on the web is searchable (bear in mind that the web and the internet are different things) and you have to be very specific with your search terms.

Google's original USP was that it was very forgiving of sloppily defined search queries. The flip side of that was the technology used to filter out the goat - on - girl action was also an ideal tool for filtering out unwelcome political views for example those of Yannis Varoufakis whose exposure of the way the EU stitched up Greece after the Eurosceptic socialist party Syriza was elected. or stories on the use of slave labour in cobalt mining operations. Cobalt is an essential material in the manufacture of batteries for electric cars.



I doubt that either of these would get a high listing on Google.

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