I’ve known for many years the internet business model would have to change. The ‘everything’s-for-free’ utopian dream was fine in the early days, but it costs real money to put content online, and real effort to create and promote the kind of quality content people want to read. And while some hobbyists create some great content and fund the expenses out of their own pocket for the enjoyment creating gives them, other like to eat occasionally and sleep under a solid roof.
In the early days the ‘how-cool-is-that’ factor of the medium itself was enough to drive views, but not now.

I will not be going ‘locked’ here for a while because I’m developing a following on another site at the moment, but I will get round to it one day, maybe sooner rather than later.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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