I've had enough of the "women, gays, blacks, good, straight white men bad," narrative. If things were that simple the world would not have many problems.

I doubt that many Medium readers have seen the British film "Made in Dagenham," which told the story of how a group of ordinary women who made the upholstery for car seats at the Ford car factory in Dagenham campaigned for equal pay with skilled male workers on the assembly lines, and overcame prejuice from managers, from officials of their own union and from the broadsheet press (the tabloids were with them,) eventually gaining the support of government minister Barbara Castle who at the time was probavly the most influential female politician in Britain.

Now that to me was real feminism, from the grassroots. The appointment of a Washington insider to a position traditionally held by Washington insiders is not, neither is allocating jobs according to quotas of various demographic groups.

REMEMBER NOW: Made in Dagenham, starring Sally Hawkins, Miranda Richardson and Bob Hoskins, it is funny, sad, very human and must be available on Netflix and other streaming services.


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