It's true that a vote for Biden (or in the majority of cases a vote against Trump,) is not a vote against fascism but the problem is most people do not understand what fascism is. It is not the opposite of socialism in fact both Benito Mussolini and the British fascist leader of the 1920s & 30, Oswald Mosley (who featured as a character in Peaky Blinders but was a real person,) were committed socialists. Mosley quit the Labour Party and Mussolini quit the Italian socialist Party for the same reason, democracy offered only an uncertain path to power.

As leaders of their new fascist parties both offered a distinctly socialist manifesto backed up by the strongarm tactics of militarised state police forces. Fortunately for Britain Mosley never achieved power, the Cable Street riots in London.Cables Street finished Mosley's party but not fascism, which is not a political ideology but an extreme form of authoritarianism. As Mussolini said fascism is a collaboration of the state and corporate business to exercise complete power and control.Fascists never went away they merely became more subtle.

The lesson of this most recent US election lies in the words attributed to Uncle Joe, (the other Uncle Joe that is, Stalin,) " 'Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.'

And it seems that what the people who count the votes have decided via the whole process from the first primaries to the last recounts, is that nothing will change much.

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