It’s perhaps unfair to attach all the blame to the lies of mainstream media. I believe the threat posed by this virus to well nourished people (who don’t eat bats etc., in developed societies has been vastly exaggerated partly by the media who are aware that sensation sells, but also by opportunistic politicians (including those involved in politics whose faces are not known to the public,) who see this as a scare story big enough to distract public opinion from the massive power grab, and by attention seeking and research grant phishing academics.
A few days ago I published an article on the track record of Prof. Neil Ferguson, on whose advice, based on mathematical models of how the disease would spread, Prime Minister Boris Johnson authorised the lockdown in the UK which is causing such chaos and hardship among the poor, old and vulnerable more people are likely to die from its consequences than from COVID 19 itself.
It was the same Prof. Ferguson who in the 2001 outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease advised Tony Blair’s government to order the cull of uninfected farm animals on unaffected farms Again Fergusoon’s advice was besed on mathematical models and has been widely criticised by other veterinarian academics for relying on the completely unsupportable assumption that Foot and Mouth would jump the species gap and infect humans.

Back in the 1990s Ferguson and his mathematical models were also instrumental in whipping up fear and panic about Bovine Spongeform Encephalopathy the so called Mad Cow Disease that was predicted (by mathematical modelling,) to become transmittable between humans and to potentially kill millions. To date slightly more than 200 humans have died of BSE and as there is no cure or effective treatment for Mad Cow Disease the recovery rate for infected people is zero.
Maybe we should diagnose Professor Ferguson with Mad Scientist Disease and retire him from any roles involving giving advice to government.

The irresponsible way the media have covered this pandemic is in a large part responsible for the chaos we are seeing around the world now, but whipping up fear and panic has always been a favoured tactic of the establishment for making the general public fall into line. However in Britain the ludicrous restrictions placed on people’s freedom and the heavy handed and over — zealous way the police have gone about trying (and largely failing,) to enforce those restrictions (which are not yet passed into law,) have gone a long way to raise public scepticism and combined with Ferguson’s idiotic predictions of 250,000 dead if almost the entire population were not placed under what is in everything but name, house arrest have just about destroyed the credibility of those touting COVID 19 as a threat to civilisation and encouraged those of us who comprise The Awkward Squad to flout the new rules in any way we can.

Fried bat anyone? Fried Bat onna stick? Treat yourself to a lovely, tender, delicately spiced bat now, they’re the latest trend in haughty kewsine. Get yer fried bat here. Bit worried about the price now you’re laid off are yer? I’l cut my own throat and let you have twofer the price of one.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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