It was widely reported that when the Obama administration had The White House it was a regular thing for Google executives to attend cabinet meetings with the president and senior members of the government and be involved in policy making discussions.
Some people will claim this is “fake news” of course, and as the page I link to is my own website I will be dismissed as an extreme right wing conspiracy theorists. OK, but here’s the same story from a liberal site, The Intercept. And again in The Wall Street Journal. Point made.
Whether the arrangement has continued under Trump I could not say, but the Deep State have such a firm grip on the levers of power it should not surprise us if it has.
It has been mentioned that other corporate businesses such as Rayethon and Lockheed Martin have close links to government. This is understandable as they are defence contractors, but these companies are not in our homes and all our activities as Google, with the total complicity of democratic governments are. The almost total presence of surveillance and data gathering software on the internet, and the amount of control Google have been given is unacceptable. They are not the only offenders of course, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook all indulge in activities that should be morally unacceptable to lawmakers and consumer protection watchdogs, but none are even contenders for the №1 position.
Google are behaving unethically, but governments are not going to act against them, the data collected is very useful to control freak politicians so long as ‘evil capitslism’ can be blamed. The only way to halt Google’s progress is if we all avoid them. There are alternatives, there are even search engines out there that do not rank search result listings on the basis of which site pays most for traffic.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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