It is not the business of Murdoch's conglomerate, or of smaller outfits like Breitbart or of individual punditsto heal division, and it is not valid to place blame on only once side. If the finger of blame is pointed at these targetsThe NYT, washington Post, Huff Post and people like George Coony, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Maher must share that blame.

Murdoch and Breitbart are in the business of selling sensation, it is our responsibility to decide what is reasonable reporting and what is sensationalised bollocks.

And why shouldn't your brother vote how he pleases, it's his vote and who he supports is based on his judgement. If you had been filtering the real news from the bollocks over the past few weeks you might have noticed several prominent black people saying Trump has done more for their communities that the Obama / Biden administration did.

I'm not saying that is true, I'm just trying to illustrate the diversity of opinon out there as you seem to have bought into the "Trump is racist," narrative promoted by the establishment ("The Swamp",) in order to get their puppet candidate elected.

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