“It appears a sexual assault allegation against the Democratic nominee to run against President Trump isn’t newsworthy.”
Yet during the 2016 campaign when it was reported that Donald Trump had, years before and in a private conversation that took place long before his presidential ambitions were revealed, used the word “pussy” it was top of the news for days and cited, both before and after the election as evidence of his unfitness to serve as president.
But when we examined the conversation he had not said he actually grabbed women by the pussy, but that there is a certain kind of woman who will tolerate such behaviour from rich, powerful men.
Anyone who has been round the block a few times will only deny that at risk of being called a hypocrite. Similarly there are young men who will fawn on older, wealthy and successful women, and some of those women will take advantage of what is being offered. These things are part of what has beeen called “the rich tapestry of human life.”
It is of course hypocritical of the Democrat spin doctors and supporters to turn a blind eye to accusations against Biden when they believed every unsubstantiated rumour about Trump, and during the #MeToo storm in a teacup demanded that any woman who made an allegation of abuse against a man “must be believed,” yet for 30 years, even after he was convicted in a court of law, were prepared to defend liberal film director Roman Polanski one of the most heinous rapes imaginable, the anal rape of an underage girl. Why would the Dems not crucify Polanski in the same way as they crucified Harvey Weinstein?

Left leaning news organisations may think they can get away with such blatant bias, but the hypocrisy and dishonesty involved from both politicians and media commentators is not missed by ordinary voters. We have seen it in Britain when in spite of being depicted as the party of evil self interested capitalists, Boris Johnson’s Conservatives crushed they hypocritical left wingers of the Labour Party back in December. Labour too were deluded, believing that calling their critics racist, while blatantly aligning themselves with the Islamic community against Judaism, and look at the result that earned them.

Working class voters are not stupid, mainstream media commentators who are willing to believe they are, are not liberals, but are easily recognised as elitists.

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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