Interesting points Caroline and I’ll admit I know little about Luther’s doctrines or evangelical Christianity in the USA. I do however know that the protestant reformation was not only about Martin Luther, who seems to have become the poster boy for reform. In fact the Swiss reformer John Calvin, and the Scottish presbyterian John Knox were only slightly behind him chronologically and were just as important in the rejection of Catholicism.
The real kick — starter of Protestantism however was the Englishman John Wycliffe, founder of the Lollards. Wycliffe began agitating against “the heresies of Rome in 1370, over a hundred years before the birth of Luther. Thrown out of his position at Oxford University and branded a heretic, Wycliffe expounded his case that “all Christians should be free to read The Bible and come to Jesus in their own way.”
In accordance with that belief he caused The Bible to be translated into English so that it would be accessible to anyone who could read.

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