In my view the terms left and right cannot be taken seriously any more. I’ve been accused of supporting a return to colonialism for opposing intervention in Libya and Syria, I’ve been called Putin’s whore for for writing that trying to provoke armed conflict with Russia is insane (both those from people who seld identified as left wing) and I’ve been called a Zionist imperialist though I’m not sure why, and a creationist nut job for commenting that for all his faults (and he, or his regime has a lot of faults) Assad did at least protect minorities like Syriac Christians, Jews and Yazidi whereas ISIS, in areas they held, took great pleasure in torturing and slaughtering these people.

I’ve also been told I am insane after writing that a previous alleged chemical weapon outrage bore all the fingerprints of a false flag, particularly as Assad, with Russian and Iranian support had almost defeated the Islamic extremists. On that occasion what upset supporters of the war party was a comment that in an area where Sarin gas was reported to have been released, news video showed medical aid workers treating the ‘victims’ in everyday clothes, not a HazMat suit in sight.
In any war there are always far more losers than winners, and in the war the US deep state and their NATO sycophants are promoting now there cannot be any winners.
Kudos to Tucker Carlson for showing that the ruling establishments are not interested in peace and cooperation, they are only interested in domination. We have to reject the old politics of right and left and support politicians who reject war, support decentralisation, localism and a retirn to the principles of the Westphalian System.

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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