I'm with you Jason, while I cannot believe in The God of Abraham I have always believed there is more to the universe than a bunch of chemical or physical accidents.

I got into a discussion once in a comment thread with a guy who insists he is a "scientist" (suspect to begin with, rather than describing someone who works in a particular scientific discipline it sounds like someone who is a science fan,) I was defending people who argue for Intelligent design by saying that it is unscientific to dismiss it as "magical thinking,” because although I do not believe in it myself I cannot say with absolute certainty that there was not at some time in the extremely distant past, some action of some unknown force which imposed a set of principles on the chaos that had existed before.

We went on a while and he tried to claim that proof there was no intelligent design lay in the fact that we humans and other mammals have legs instead of wheels, because while legs require a complex process of constantly shifting weight and balance with a wheel the weight is always over the centre of balance.

I told him it was an interesting point but wrong and if he wanted to know why he should try riding, pushing or driving a wheeled vehicle over rocky or rutted graoud and then compare the experience with walking over the same route. Our earliest human ancestors and the hominids that preceded them did not have roads, paved walkways or even well trodden tracks to travel on.

The problem with Intelligent Design is that too many people use it in attempts to discredit evolutionary biology and thus claim only the Biblical creation can be true.

The same arguments can be had around Big Bang. It is often presented as "fact" (because The Science Is Settled?) but there is a strong argument that the universe exists outside the concepts of time and distance and parts of it are constantly decaying and regenerating.

This of course opens the way for all sorts of ideas about the nature of things.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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