I’m not sold on the aliens idea Jose, nor on the theory that ancient Egyptian priests had some kind of anti gravity technology now lost to us, but the people who were around at the time certainly didn’t have the intellect to build the pyramids, because without it’s only recently we have developed helicopters powerful enough to lift those blocks. Gantry cranes handle the weights but the tower cranes used in construction just could not cope with the reach needed to put those blocks in place on the high levels.

There’s a similar situation with Stonehenge, how did people equipped with stone hammers and shovels made of moose shoulder— blades quarry those huge stones, transport then over 100 miles, traversing marshy wetland, rocky upland and several steep sides valleys? Some say it was aliens, some say Druids had advanced technologies though there is no evidence of either. Others offer us simple logical conclusions backed by pages long equations as ‘proof’ of the theory.
A few years ago an experiment was set up to move similar sized bluestones from the Preseli mountains in Wales to Stonehenge using only bronze age technologies (but with the benefit of paved roads and steel skeletoned bridges) They didn’t get a quarter of the way.
Another proposed that the stones were transported on reed rafts (a bit daft as discoveries of The Dover Boat, The Ferriby Boats and the Chepstow Boat prove seagoing wooden boats were available.
Again the theoretical proofs were offered. Stones were transported on wooden rollers to the north shore of The Bristol Channel, loaded onto the reed boats … … … and the boats sank without even casting off from shore.

So the mysteries still stand. And the odds on aliens or Wizards have shortened (this kind of mathematics interests me, grandad was a bookie and although I did not follow him into that business I have recently dabbled with modest success in the online betting exchanges.

I like such mysteries and believe we are never likely to know for the certain who built The Pyramids or Stonehenge.

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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