I love the "No Human Is Illegal Line," it sums up the ignorance that so often accompanies virtue signalling. It is of course not the people crossing the English Channel in flimsy rubber boats that are illegal but the whole catalogue of crimes committed by the organised crime networks involved in getting them onto the water and, if they are lucky enough to make it into Britain, of exploiting them by forcing them to work long hours at pay rates far below the UK legal minimum wage, while living in crowded, unhygienic conditions, of grabbing back most of what these illegally trafficked people earn in rent for their "accommodation" (often just a matress on the floor of a bedroom shated with six or seven other people, and food (often just a bowl of porridge a day.)

Why don't they go to the authoritites for help? the virtue signallers naively ask.

Very often a family or sometimes a whole village will have taken on a debt to get just one person to Europe or North America. And the gangsters who employ them in Britain or the richer EU memberr states are connected to the gangsters who handle the recruitment end of the business. Thus if anybody does renage on the deal, retribution will be delivered on parents, siblings, spouses and children. And in third world countries, and even some parts of Europe, the police do not care much if a poor person or poor family get beaten up, their home burned or they are murdered. Poor people can't afford justice.

The virtue signallers do not have a clue of the reality of daily existence for the majority of perfectly legal humans in the world, or how the law, such as it is in many countries, serves the rich and powerful and oppresses the poor.

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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