I have not written anything of worth on this latest “foreign policy blunder by Trump,” but I do not consider it a blunder, in fact I think it is his best foreign policy decision so far, surpassing even his move to stop funding revolutionary organisations in the middle east.

The reaction from Republican hawks is no surprise and the outraged screeching of “peace loving” liberals reminds me of responses to an article I wrote on the bombing of Libya in 2011. In that article as well as condemning the bombing of Libya and all military interventions to effect regime change, I predicted that with Gadaffi deposed, Libya would collapse into civil strife and chaos and the only was to prevent that was for the anti — Gadaffi coalition, France, the UK and USA (the FUKUS axis,) to replace the regime with an army of occupation to administer a transition to a post Gadaffi government as there had been no coherent opposition to the regime.
There were about a hundred responses, only one or two were supportive, most simply accused be of being a war loving right wing fanatic (but I’d condemned the war and said the powers that started it had a debt of responsibility to the people of the nation they destroyed!) others accused me of advocating a return to colonialism. Again, I’d said the attack should not have been launched in the first place.

One simply cannot reason with liberals and lefties, they minds are stuck in binary mode, everything is either absolutely right or absolutely wrongs. And right or wrong seems to be determined more often than not by the racial, religious or sexual identity of the main protagonists, or their political leanings. The merits of the case are of little significance.
Thus while Bush’s wars were absolutely wrong (OK, they were,) Obama’s wars were absolutely right and anyone who opposed them was a racist who could not stand the idea of a black man in The White House.
That’s what I meant when I said there’s no reasoning with them.

And so we now see the bizarre and projectile vomit inducing spectacle of Lindsey Graham and Rachel Maddow climbing into the same bed.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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