I had to read this twice before I realised it was not just an extremely inept satire.

Look, it’s doubtful the USA could beat either Russia or China in a shooting war, let alone defeat both — and they would certainly stand together.

The only evidence provided so far to back up accusations of interference in the 2016 election comes from the mouths of known liars, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and her cronies, the world’s most corrupt law enforcement agencies - the FBI CIA and NSA, and certain rabidly liberal TV news commentators.

The evidence of American interference, in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, South Sudan, Eritrea and several other sovereign states in Africa and the middle east is irrefutable.

So I’m not a fan of Trump, but if he’s trying to put relations with Russia and China on a regular footing (i.e. the Westphalian system of nations managing their own affairs within their own borders,) good luck to him.

Only idiots want war.

But then idiots in the Democratic Party allowed HRC to be fraudulently installed as their candidate against Trump, and so must take responsibility for the fact that Trump rather than Bernie Sanders is now their President. I’m not saying Bernie would have been great, but he’s not Trump, so we wouldn’t have to put up with all you hatemongers whining constantly because you didn’t get to see disgusting Hillary gloating over the murder of Bashar al Assad they way she gloated over the murder of Muammar Gadaffi. The Mad Dog might have been a bastard but under any civilised legal codex he was still entitled to due process.

And what did that Democrat led intervention achieve. Under Gadaffi Libya was the most prosperous state in Africa, now it’s a failed state with terrorist groups, gangsters and trbial warlords carving out territories for themselves.

If you want to die, then there are plenty of ways to do it, but you have no right to take millions of others with you by getting into a war with an opponent you can’t beat.

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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