I enjoyed reading this for far more serious reasons than simply that it echoes what I havw ritten many times (posted elsewhere) on the entirely ludicrous “The Russians Are Coming” narrative. It’s pure coincidence (at least I think it is) that the article which appeared above this in my newsfeed was titled “Face It, You Just Don’t Care About The News Anymore.” I didn’t read it, the bulk of the article was behind the membership wall and so often when I’ve taken the trouble to sidestep that obstacle I’ve felt the time expended was wasted.

We don’t care about mainstream news anyone, that much is true, but the reason is so much of what is printed and broadcast by long established news organisations is obviously at best only half true and far too often completely fabricated.

The alleged Russian interference in democratic processes is a case in point. For all the millions of words written on the subject, not a shred of credible evidence has been produced to link the Russian government to war crimes in Syria, failed assassination attempts in the UK, hacking Democratic Party servers in the 2016 US election campaign or shhoting down passenger aircraft from a neutral stave over Ukraine. In the latter case, former President of The Entire Universe and Everything Else Besides, Barack Hussein Obama was on TV rolling news channels proclaiming he had irrefutable evidence that Vladimir Putin had personally orderd the destruction of the Malaysian Airlines flight and inevitable slaughter of all on board, so quickly that rescue and emergency services had not arrived at the scene by the time this ‘irrefutable proof’ claim was broadcast.

So we have not lost interest in news, we simply do not trust mainstream news, or the tech giants which have established very cosy relationships with governments as their abilities to filter what we see on the web have become more effective. Thus people look elsewhere for their news.

Here for example, or other web sites that show some commitment to the principle of press freedom.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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