I certainly agree with your comments about the need for social media sites to let us browse for what we want to see rather that using an algo to decide (based on your reading history,) what the site management want us to see.
I also find myself regula.rly irritated by the policy of a certain site I will not name, that tells me, “You read a lot — we like that,” then tells me I must be a member if I want to read the article that caught my interest.
No, I don’t read a lot, I’d like to read more but I will not become a member until the site is prepared to take the trouble to hide stuff I can’t read from my front page or at least provide a “MEMBERS ONLY” sign to save me going to the trouble of opening it.
The over reliance on algorithms by web site designers, if not already counter productive, must be getting close to that position. I am a human being with eclectic tastes, what I read yesterday is no guide to what I might read today, it depends what headlines catch my eye. And the available options will always be rerstricted for me by my previous choices from a list of the available material filtered on the basis of my previous choices.
I have never been restrained by a straight jacket but I think I’m developing an understanding of what it would feel like.
We should regard the efforts of food stores to infer our choice of food from previous shopping. To an extent we are creatures of habit. When my wife and I do our weekly shop you can bet bread, milk, butter, eggs, cheese and potatoes will figure. Other things however, we might only eat once or twice a year. But suppose we started to order online and have our food delivered? And about the same time the supermerket started to use an algorithm to choose what we wanted, ‘based on your previous choices. Algorithms have their uses but we should be aware of their limitations.

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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