Great point Wallace, neo — libs also need to be reminded that several important figures ion founding the EU, foe example Walther Funk, was a senior economist in the Nazi government in Gremany. Walter Hallstein, a “Nazi Leadership Officer” in charge of promoting Nazism in Universities and the Law became the First President of the European Commission in 1957. Paul Henri Spaak was a leading figure in the Belgian Nazi Party and later the paty’s chief press office before reinventing himself as Mr. Europe in the 1950s. Robert Schuman had no direct links to the Nazis but was party of the collaborationist Vichy regime of Marshall Petain, the original “cheese eating surrender monkey.” Schuman’s sidekick Jean Monnet, who in 1948 with Schuman drafted the plan for a European economic and social union with the goal of “ever closer integration” was another collaborator, an influential civil servant in the Vichy government.
I could go on at great length of course, but you probably already know all this while most other people in the thread will dismiss it, preferring to believe the sanitized version of history.

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