Good to see someone besides me and David Icke think members of the Silicon Valley World Domination Cartel are all genocidalist psychopaths. I say Silcon Valley to identify the genre, they don't all operate out of that physical location of course.

But overpopulation is not simply a "patriarchal myth," parts of Africa, Ethiopia in particular, hover on the edge of famine. The reason for this is western intervention, at the time of the Live Aid concerts the population of Ethiopia was about 40 million, in 2017 (latest official figure,) was 100 million. The population has doubled in just over 30 years, in an economy that just can't sustain that kind of growth. So the liberal democracies pump in aid money and the government, being one of the better ones in Africa, uses a lot of it to buy food from Big Ag corporations in those same liberal democracies. The food exported is of course produced by intensive farming methods which are not exactly environmentally friendly.

The story in Bangla Desh is similar but even more dramatic, since independence in 1971 the population has trebled to 165 million. Bangladesh is a tiny country, smaller in land area that Great Britain, and again is unable to sustain its population without massive injections of air.

Before the era of intervention nature controlled population, brutally but very effectively.

Relying on education and better information flow to inspire women to claim sovereignty over their reproductive systems is really nothing more than wishful thinking unless the more traditional types of feminist have a plan to change Islamic culture and the Islamic mindset. Good luck with that one!

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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