Good to see an article highlighting the hypocrisy and double standards of Democrats and liberals on matters of sexual misbehaviour. I suspect most of the people in this thread yelling “innocent until proven guilty,” and demanding that Groper Joe be allowed to continue unscrutinised were on board all the way with the campaign to block the appointment of Judge Kavanagh to the Supreme Court on the basis of a completely uncorroborated allegation.
The are wrong of course, I checked this and the law is the same in the USA as it is in Britain, that the accused must be presumed innocent until proven guilty, which is considerably different. That presumption of innocence does not mean there is no case to answer, if it did few criminals could ever be convicted, only in those instances where the perpetrator is caught in flagrante delicto could guilt be proved “beyond reasonable doubt. In all other cases lawyers would simply claim harassment whenever the police tried to investigate an allegation.
Another aspect of that presumption of innocence is that in the legal codices of English speaking nations is that the burden of proving guilt lies on the prosecution. Because it is impossible to prove a negative the law provides that presumption of innocence to protect us against false accusation. However, obstructing the investigation into an alleged crime is a crime in itself. So what should happen in Biden’s case is that his party cease using obstructive tactics to deflect an investigation, but face the charges and first challenge his accusers to take their evidence to a prosecutor who will decide if the evidence warrants a trial, and second, face trial by jury, in which the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty as charged.
“Presumption of innocence” does not mean the accused is innocent, it simply means that until found innocent on the balance of evidence the accused must not be assumed to be guilty.
Now having read many of the comments in this thread I think a lot of people have some serious rephrasing to do. Biden’s being a liberal and the anointed candidate of the Democrats does not prove him innocent of the allegations against him.

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