Good article, well written and entertaining throughout and at times laugh-out-loud funny, though I’m surprised you went to the trouble of writing it, and also that the town agreed to cooperate with this project, without confirming for yourselves that any piece published in Spiegel was exactly what you would expect from that cultural Marxist publication which has gone after Trump voters as ruthlessly as it has gone after Trump.

Unfortunately Spiegel, once a well respected publication is now typical of the depths to which German media has sunk in the era of Hausfrau — Volksfuhrer Merkel. But don’r get me started on the way Germany has engineered it’s domination of the European Union.

Earlier this year a British actress, Miriam Margolyes (best known as Prof. Sprout in a couple of Harry Potter films, and over here for her hilarious stories about flatulence on chat shows,) fronted a BBC documentary series, Miriam’s Big American Road Trip, in which she took a tour around middle America to find out why people had voted for Trump. She is a left wing socialist with uncompromising views on billionaires, and after reading a lot about Trump supporters in mainstream media publications similar to Spiegel, expected to meet a lot of swivel — eyed, gun crazy, Bible thumping nutters.
And being an honest person she reported that in spite of meeting some unpleasant racists, she was pleasantly surprised to find the majority of people who voted for Trump to be warm hearted, kind, generous and perfectly reasonable people. On the other hand she didn’t much like the Hillary Clinton supporters, because of their eagerness to show their hatred of the people their candidate had called deplorables.
So I put it to you that when you refer to people who “voted against their own interests” you place yourself in exactly the same hole as the Spiegel journalist. I would say anyone who voted for Hillary voted in the interests of The Deep State, the Military Industrial Complex, global corporations, Russia uranium oligarchs and wealthy, powerful, well connected serial rapists who happen to be former presidents and Mrs. Clinton, so apart from the 0.01% who are super rich, anyone else would find it quite difficult to vote IN their own interests.

I would also suggest that like the rest of us, you are not in a position to decide for them what your neighbours interests are. Miriam Margoyles found that many Trump voters did not so much cast a positive vote for Donal J Trump, but cast an “anyone but crooked Hillary vote.” The woman is not liked.

And as I’ve said many times, had the democratic Party managers not collaborated with the Clinton campaign to cheat Bernie out of the nomination he, and not Donald J. Fart would probably have been president now. Not that I think Bernie would have been good for the USA either, ideologues never make good leaders.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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