For every 3 COVID19 deaths lockdown may have caused 2 — Official Estimate

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The 4 month lockdown imposed by government on the advice of “scientists” whose mathematical models of reality predicted 500,000 deaths from a virus that realists in the medical profession said poses almost zero risk to healthy people under the age of seventy, may have indirectly caused 16,000 excess deaths in two months, according to government analysts. This is what those medical realists, sensible people in the world of business and a few honest scientists (the kind who believe science is rooted in understanding reality, not playing with mathematical models,) predicted at the outset.

This blog was one which warned that if lockdown was imposed the long term consequences would be more deadly than the virus, had we protected those known to be more vulnerable (the old and frail and people with long term health problems,) We were not alone of course, many thousands of bloggers and alt_news sites gave out the same message, that lockdown and the other measures imposed by government were an insane panic.

The latest report from The Office of National Statistics (ONS) says a reluctance to attend A&E and difficulties accessing medical assistance likely meant that for every three deaths from coronavirus itself, a further two occurred because of the wider impact of the lockdown.

And this is only the start. Down the line you can expect premature deaths from cancer, cardio — vascular problems, diabetes and a host of other heath issues to pile up because of delayed diagnoses and treatmeants due to the lockdown.

These findings provide a possible explanation for the prime minister’s recent claim that another full national lockdown would only be considered as a “nuclear option”. It would be nice if Boris and his gang admitted they got it hopelessly wrong and fired all the “sciencetits” special advisers and civil servants who supported lockdown, and promised never to listen to such Cultural Marxist idiots again

The ONS estimates, supported by and analysts from several government departments, suggest there were 38,500 excess deaths in England connected to COVID-19 between March and 1 May, a figure that is due to be revised downwards due to counting errors according to government sources.

However, the report concludes 41% of those deaths were the result of missed medical care rather than the virus itself.

Of the 16,000 deaths, the report estimates 6,000 were as a result of a “significant reduction in A&E attendances and emergency admissions”.

It states: “Some of this is unmet need, possibly due to patients’ reluctance to seek medical attention or other changes to protocols.”
The report states that the other 10,000 excess deaths likely occurred in care home settings due to patients having been discharged from hospitals, or not wanting to be transferred to hospital.

Although the calculations found that 2,500 lives may have been saved by people adopting healthier lifestyles during lockdown, the modelling suggests there could be a further 26,000 excess deaths by March 2021 as a result of ongoing restrictions to medical care. We can ignore that bit of course as it is based on mathematical models.

Overall the analysis estimates there could be a total of 81,500 non-coronavirus excess deaths as a result of longer waiting times for non-urgent elective care, as well as increased deprivation resulting from a deep recession. The document was presented to the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) last month, but was only released on Friday 7 August. It’s surprising they released it at all, although there are signs accept having lost control of the situation as nobody believes a word of the propaganda any more and people are ignoring mask rules and social distancing and heading for the beach. to enjoy the few days good weather we are due for.

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