Firstly, the unofficial reports I’m hearing through my network of business contacts is that the Chinese government is lying through its teeth, the infection is still rampant in China, there have been upwards of 100,000 fatalities and many millions of infections, the stories of hospitals built from scratch being fully operational 30 seconds after work on the foundations is begun are typical of the bullshit that always comes out of socialist governments to mask the fact that is a crisis bureaucrats never have a clue how to deal with the problems.
Second, the hysteria in Europe has been deliberately whipped up by by governments and media, so successfully has this been done that the politicians have actually scared themselves into irrational responses. Entire schools are being shut down because oner kid has a snotty nose FFS. Kids always have snotty noses, it’s in their job description. Many people have now stockpiled more toilet paper that they will ever be able to use even if they have the squitters from now to the end of their lives.
Third, Boris and Co have neatly used the panic to strip citizens of many of our freedoms, over 70s such as myself have been told to place ourselves under house arrest for 4 months (and I’m proud to say we have told the government where to stick their panic measures.)Little Emmanuel has carried out a similar power grabin France but kudos to them, the yellow vests were out as usual last weekend, while Germans under Hausfrau — Volksfuher surrendered most of their freedoms ages ago.
And here’s a statistic that will put the whole thing into prespective: worldwide, slightly over 4000 people die every day from tuberculosis. There’s no panic about that, nobody is screaming it the end of civilisation as we know it, yet in nine weeks less than 5000 have died of corona virus in Europe (a significantly smaller number than have died of seasonal flu in the corresponding period, and the establishment are whipping up panic on top of panic. There has to be a hidden agenda and it really isn’t had to guess what it might be.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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