Facebook Steps Up Censorship, Bans Populist News Sites

Facebook continues on its course to become the online version of The Ministry of Truth, (the government department tasked with ensuring government propaganda can never be questioned in George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’.) by expanding its censorship of websites of which US Liberals like the social media site’s Mark Zuckerberg do not approve, or that question the globalist policies of increasingly authoritarian ‘democratic’ regimes, by removing from its platform content posted by people who truthfully report the persecution and mass murder of Christians in African, Middle Eastern and South — east Asian nations, European Union mass immigration policy, anti — EU populists and in Britain suporters of the UK leaving the EU. It’s latest outrageously hubristic act is the “unpublishing” of a right-leaning news website Politicalite and suspending its editor-in-chief for a post supporting perhaps the most voluble critis of Islam in Britain, Tommy Robinson.

Other recent examples of censorship by the far — left social media site have the blocking and removal of other conservative sites in addition to Politicalite, and Facebook’s suspension of other British right leaning sies allegedly in reponse to political pressure amid a government inspired crackdown on supporters of Tommy Robinson following the release of “Panodrama,” Robinson’s undercover exposure of bias at the BBC. PayPal also recently suspended service to the website.

Mark Zuckerberg — never trust a man happy to wear a haircut that would embarrass most five year olds — Picture: Getty

Last week, Breitbart News covered the takedown of all posts linking to a Politicalite article contributed by British Yellow Vest activist James Goddard. Our contacts in France tell us Facebook’s French operation is carrying on a similar censorship of Yellow Vest supporters criticising the inept, elitist government of Emmanuel Macron.

Now censorship against the Politcalite website on Facebook is continuing, with the goal of shutting down the website it seems. Politicalite site managers received a message that its Facebook page had been unpublished late last week.

Following the suspension, site editor-in-chief and former UKIP activist Jordan James reported that his own Facebook account had been suspended as well, for a years-old post offering support to Islam critic Tommy Robinson. Robinson has also been banned from the from Facebook and jailed by Theresa May’s authoritarian government for reporting facts surounding the activities of one of the notorious grooming and sexual abuse gangs who have been systematically raping and sexually exploiting young girls in the UK.

Asked for an explanaition by one of the biggest organisations it has censored, Facebook declined to supply a justification for the blacklisting of the British news website, which now bills itself “Britain’s most censored news outlet.” Facebook have still not commented.

A recent investigation of Facebook’s content management policy by undercover investigative journalists recently found that the social network is, which management approval at the highest level, running a program of deliberate, targeted, secret suppression of conservative and right-wing voices. A whistleblower at the tech company told reporters that a secret “deboosting” code, based on identifying keywords, was applied exclusively to right-of-center and populist individuals and organizations on the platform, limiting the reach and visibility of posts. The source said she never saw the code applied to far-left pages on Facebook.

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