Do I sense a little bitterness here Andy. Sorry, but we can’t all be British can we?
One point however, you say, “ There was nothing socialist about Hitler’s rule, if you weren’t fit to contribute, you didn’t deserve the light of day.
You obviously don’t know much about life is socialist utopias like Soviet Russia, Communist China, Erich Honeker’s German ‘Democratic ‘ Republic, or the benchmark for them all, Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Hitler’s Nazis were a vile regime for sure, but compared to those socialist governments the Nazi’s look like a bunch of choirboys.

BTW, as you completely missed the point of my statement that both Gandhi and Hitler were nationalists, it was that ‘nationalist’ is a term that has only the vaguest definition, wheras the author of the top article suggests there is a very narrow and rigid definition.

I’m a bit mystified about your comment “ You have, as you put it, OPTED, for a COMFORTABLE, RETIREMENT. (it’s there, don’t deny it, it’s there for everyone to see) (ahh yes -50..)
Where have I tried to deny it? Why would I try to deny it? What are you trying to say, that’s it’s wrong to be comfortably off? If that’s the only way you can score points, you may as well give up.
And as for that snide remark about typos, some of us are far too gracious to mention typos in comments to which we reply.
But keep posting and commenting Andy, you’re one of the best arguments against socialism I’ve seen in a long time.

Oh and BTW I don’t get any contribution via benefits from people who are in work. You know nothing about my financial arrangements, so you are not really in a position to comment, and frankly I don’t know why you did, your remraks were pointless. Furthermore, you presume to comment on the state of my mental health at the time I retired. Even if you are a qualified psychologist, which I strongly doubt, as you and I have never met, again you are not in a position to comment. In my case the health problem was a catastrophic physical illness, the details of which I did not reveal, and the feeling on having survived, that I no longer wanted to do what I had been doing for the past twenty years, not even on a part time basis.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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