COVID — 19: Lockdown Regime Responsible For Thousands Of Deaths

The Lockdown which, based on scientific advice that was always suspect but is now known to have been profoundly flawed, was announced by the UK government on March 23rd and passed into Law on March 25th, was widely predicted by people sceptical of they type of science based on output from mathematical models rather than empirical evidence, appears to have led to the premature deaths of tens of thousands of people in the UK according to independent research.

It was always obvious that such an outcome was inevitable as Medical practices were forced to offer a very much reduced service, hospital appointments were can celled wholesale and people with very serious health problems were denied the support they needed.

We discussed all these consequences of following the advice of a self aggrandizing attention seeker months ago and you will find links to our posts on te various COVID — 19 related topics in the scrolling table at the end of this article, but to avoid looking as if we want to give the impression that we were the only ones who knew what was going on, here’s what ITT reported on the subject: LOKIN-20 The Lockdown Regime Causes Increasing Health Concerns That post like some of ours discusses the likelihood that the Lockdown would cause significant excess mortality among people who were not infected with the Wuhan coronavirus.

The release of the latest report on non COVID 19 related deaths from the Office of National Statistics proves beyond doubt that the sceptics, those who doubted the word of government scientific advisers were right to do so, but what is truly astonishing is the scale of those deaths. Remember, the figures are not from some sensationalist tabloid newspaper but the UK Governments official statistics agency,

The ONS report reveals that between March 7th and May 1st (ONS Week 11–18 of year 2020) there were 46,380 excess death, over and above the statistical 5 year average, registered in England and Wales. Figures for Scotland and Northern Ireland are not included.

Of the 46,380 excess deaths 12,900 (27.8% of additional excess deaths) were not attributable to COVID 19. This suggests that 33,480 (72.2% of additional excess deaths) were attributable to COVID 19.

However, as we reported in Coronavirus: Statistics and Lies it is by no means clear how many of those deaths were as a direct or even indirect result of COVID 19 and in how many cases the deceased had merely been in contact with the virus but not affected by it. The UK Government’s administrative wing (the civil service) has dismantled the robust, almost foolproof method of recording deaths and created a system specifically for registering COVID 19 deaths which is so vague it even allows for a single death to be recorded several times, and is wide open to error and misinterpretation.

It is worth noting that senior civil servants have, since 2016, been determined to prevent the UK leaving the European Union (Brexit,) and have been involved in several plots to overturn the democratic vote.The pandemic presented them with a golden opportunity for mischief. We will of course never know what machinations have been going on under cover of the pandemic as politicians, corportate bosses, bureaucrats and meddlesome billionaires have sought to advance their own narrow interests.

All developed nations have their registration processes and data collection systems, tested over time and unually totally trustworthy but the situation in the UK resembled that in Italy where an unpopular government imposed by the EU bureaucracy after the elected government collapsed, used the pandemic to spread fear and panic and divert attention from internal political problems. The Italian government imposed their lockdown on March 9th. On March 20th, as assumed COVID 19 deaths piled up, Italy’s National Institute of Health (ISS) issued a report into the characteristics common to those dying from the disease.

Citing this report, which found no clear evidence that COVID 19 was the cause of death in 88% of deaths attributed to the virus, the chief scientific adviser to Italy’s health department, Professor Walter Ricciardi, said:

“The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus……On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus.”

No such admission has been made by the UK government as yet, but it is reasonable to assume similar misrepresentations of the facts have been used here, and probably in the USA and other countries reporting high kill rates for COVID — 19. The revised figure from Italy puts the kill rate for COVID — 19 in line with that reported by Germany where doctors flatly refused to register cause of derath as COVID — 19 Coronavirus, unless the deceased died prinicpally from the effects of Wuhan Coronavirus infection.

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Sir Patrick Vallance, UK Chief Scientific Officer

All this should be considered in the light of the statement made by Professor Ricciardi’s UK counterpart. Speaking on April 16th the UK’s Chief Scientific Officer, Sir Patrick Vallance (above), said:

“It is worth remembering again that the ONS rates are people who’ve got COVID on their death certificates. It doesn’t mean they were necessarily infected because many of them haven’t been tested. So we just need to understand the difference.”

The UK, like Italy, instructed the its national statistics agency (ONS) to record any and all mentions of COVID 19 on the death certificate (MCCD) as COVID 19 mortality. Furthermore, the ONS were ordered to accept suggested COVID 19 mortality figures from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) even if COVID 19 was not mentioned on the MCCD.

This has left the collection and reporting of COVID 19 mortality in both Gr,eat Britain and Italy, the two nations with the highest death numbers in Europe in total disarray. Certainly the official reporting of the pandemic by the taxpayer funded BBC (often referred to as the government propaganda deprtment reporting of those statistics, which has overwhelmingly been in support of the lockdown regime, is as close to meaningless as it is possible to get without simply making up the numbers.

Between March 7th and May 1st figures from the Care Quality Comission (CQC) played no part in the ONS mortality analysis. The CQC didn’t start submitting their data to the ONS until April 29th. What is reported here serves to highlight how absurd the COVID 19 mortality statistics have become. And yet the future of our nations and our lives is being shaped by this absurdity.

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