Considering the facts is fine if we are certain they are facts, but facts are slippery things, as hard to get hold of as an eel, pinning them down is like trying to nail jello to a wall (did I get that right, we say jelly in the UK, sweet, vivid coloured, wobbly stuff for desserts.) Recently I’ve read that COVID — 19 attacks the brain and nervous system, that it is a disease of the heart and blood vessels, affects vital organs and weakens muscled. And I’d been led by well qualified people to believe it’s a respiratory disease.

I’ve also been hearing all week that Hydroxychloroquine aka Quinine, if administered properly and with due diligence, is a highly effective treatment for relieving COVID — 19 symptoms, (it’s not suitable for everyone but that’s where due diligence comes in.) Yet a few weeks ago there was a storm of outrage from people whose claimed qualifications should have equipped them to be objective, when Donald Trump recommended it. So how does the desire to attack Trump render a truth untrue?

I do not have a medical qualification but I do have a qualification in statistics and one undeniable fact that COVID extinction scaremongers continue to stubbornly deny is that the statistics on COVID infections and deaths are complete bollocks. Here in Britain the government changed they system so that instead of death statistics being gathered and reported by a single source they are now, from the duration of the pandemic reported by up to five possible sources. It was obvious to a well informed neutral observer that the amended system would lead to overcounting and apparent to those of us with a healthy distrust of authority that that is exactly what it was designed to achieve.

So in referring to people refusing to accept the facts, perhaps we should first be absolutely certain of what the facts are. A big part of the problem is the habit of “scientists” to conflate science with mathematics. Remember, the lockdowns which have been so disastrous for national economies and so for the people who must earn their living in those economies, were based on “evidence” from mathematical models of the pandemic and have all proved wildly over estimated. Other input from “scientists” whose interests were served by sticking closely to the WHO narrative has also been consistently wrong, viz the Hydroxychoroquine fiasco mentioned above.

So far throughout the pandemic I and almost everybody I know (with the exception of one person, an asthmatic, who has sensibly remained in near isolation,) has totally ignored all the advice from those who told us we must “follow the science,” yet none of us has had a day’s illness — and why would we, what’s to fear from a virus that in almost 4 months has infected 0.35% of the population (yes that’s a fact, most of the alarmist statistics for Britain you see or hear are based on cherry picked subsets of the population) and actually causes only minor, if any, symptoms in the majority of those it infects?
Stubborn refusal to consider the facts or stubborn refusal to believe the scaremongers? Ther article needs to be clear which is which.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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