Cancel culture is hurting the Democrats now Dr. Kazmir, and the harm is exacerbated by opinion polls consistently showing Joe Biden leading Trump by a seemingly confortable margin.

People ouht to have been cautioned against believing opinion polls by what happened in 2016, but apparently not.

A recent survery published here in UK revealed that the toxic political atmosphere created by Antifa and Black Lives matter has lead to a very large propotion of Americans (can't remember the exact number, it was over 50%, being reluctant to share their opinions.) This is leading to Democrats being oversampled in polls, which is exactly what happened in 2016 and in the UK's "Brexit" referendum, where there was a similarly toxic atmosphere.

It's easy to accuse polling companies of bias, but if we look at the detail of the surveys, the interviewers are having to make up to 2500 calls in order to get 500 respomdents in some demographics.

Obviously, as I think even most Democrats would concede, it is traditional Republicans and Conservatives who are the more unwilling to answer questions, although there is little chance of them being identified as a result of talking to a polling company.

On election day however, people will vote for the candidate they feel best serves their interests, or the referendum choice that will better support local jobs and the national culture.

So cancel culture, the attacks on free speech, deplatforming popular figures like J K Rowlings, who aside from her very reasonable stance on transgenderism, is quite radically left wing, is identifying the Democrats as extreme. And out in the suburbs and the 'flyover states' voters are not fond of extremism as the only opinion poll that matters showed back in 2016.

(And yes I know Hillary won the popular vote, but that is an issue for Americans to resolve, I'm only talking about the negative effect of extremism.)

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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