Call me a cynic if you like but this article ended for me in the second paragraph with this phrase: “Simply by staying in our homes, we have collectively lowered the death rate from a projected 2.2 million American deaths to 63,538 confirmed deaths as of this post.”

The keyword is “projected,” a projected figure is not real, it is speculation, or in this case scaremongering hyperbole by research — grant phishing pseudoscientists. The death rate cannot have been lowered, because the death rate refers to real deaths. Projected deaths are not real deaths.
We’ve had the same sort of distortion in the UK with Mathematical — Model — Man, Prof Ferguson whose prediction of 250,000 deaths influenced the government decision to put the country in lockdown, trying to claim credit for the actual deaths (to date,) falling well short of that. but the UK death rate from COVID — 19 is very similar to those of Sweden and South Korea, two countries that have avoided lockdowns.
In the current situation it’s wise to question everything, including articles with clickbaity buzzwords like ‘gaslighting’ in in the title. Manipulation of opinion through the use of deceptive information has been going on since men first stood erect, and spreading fear and panic has always been a favourite tactic of those who want to manipulate information to quell public opposition to the unpopular items in their agendas, items such as persuading us to surrender our civil liberties for an illusory payback, such as saving around two million people from ‘projected deaths.’
As Buddha Gautama Siddarttha wrote (the concise version,) Believe nothing you hear or read unless it agrees with your own reason and experience.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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