But there has to be an existential threat to keep people in a state of fear, the better to control them Caitlin.

You and your readers know as well as I do that China's long term goal is to supplant the USA as the world's most powerfulk economy, but while the idea of that might offend some Americans really it would be little different to when America overtook Britain and stepped into that role.

Life went on in the same way for most British people, in fact most of us (and our parents and grandparents) prospered as releved of the role of global policeman and later of the expense of supporting an overseas empire, we reshaped our economy and underwent a social revolution.

The political establishment and the Military - Industrial complex are bound to oppose such a downshift in global status of course, they are the ones who lose out, there's no justification for ever expanding military and state security spending when a nation is operating within its own borders, trading amicably and fairly with the world and minding its own business.

But take away the threat and there will be a lot of pompous people with ridiculous job titles and an army of experts and special advisers faing the thing they fear most (Room 101) - the prospect of having to get a proper job and get some work done.

So the establishment must create an enemy, an external threat, and because we don't do tank battles or cavalry charges anymore it helps the credibility of that threat if the narrative suggests it has infiltrated the institutions of state at the highest level and is working to undermine national integrity from within.

Having said that, does Joe Biden really fit the bill, it's not so much a case of does he know where China is, as does he know where he is.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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