As an outsider I don’t know enough about the people mentioned here to comment of them and I’m certainly not going to get involved with the race issue. However what is worth mentioning is that the left’s shoddy tactic of equating and defence of nationalism with support for Hitler and Naziism.
This is so stupid people who use it deserve to be consigned to obscurity of the idiot fringe of political debate, right next to the people who really do think Hitler was a good guy.

What caught my attention was the debate on ‘hate speech’ because we are having similarly irrational debates here in Britain and all over Europe. And ‘hate speech’ it according to mainstream media, the academe and the political establishment, is the sovereign territory of nationalists and alt_right extremists.t

I have responded to many irrational anti — nationalism rants here and on other sites, by reminding people who tried to claim that all nationalists are Nazis or fascists, or at the very least alt_right gun nuts, by pointing out that The Dalai Lama is a nationalist as was Mohandas K Gandhi, also Eammon De Valera (leader of the Irish Republican rebellion against British rule,) all of the South American, African and Asian leaders who won freedom for their nations from the colonial powers and icons of the far left like Castro and Allende.

I usually get told rather bluntly that is it stupid to claim Gandhi and The Dalai Lama are anything like Hitler. That only goes to show how like Pavlov’s dogs the left are in their responses. They are right of course, The Dalai Lama and Gandhi are nothing like Hitler. But that does not mean they are not nationalists. And supporters of nationalism are not necessarily Nazis, fascists, bigots, xenophobes, islamophobes etc. The left simply do not understand ‘diversity,’ their inability to cope with diversity of opinion shows this.

After reading the article I still don’t know much about Candace Owens, she certainly is photogenic, although being good looking is not necessarily an advantage for female politicians. What does set her apart is she has a mind of her own, and in the current atmosphere that makes her one to watch.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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