As a former senior consultant with one of the UK's leading IT consulancies I can say quite clearle that one profession in which there is no racial bias is computer work. There are cerain personal qualities required to get on in this field and they are nothing to do with skin colour or ethic background. I fact the ethnic groups that collectively do well in technology are South East Asian and the people of the Indian sub - continent. Neither of these areas are noted for the dominance of white supremacist governments.

Other than that a person's cultural background may have a significant influence on whether they have the right qualities to succeed in tech, but somebody has already mentioned that being uncool, nerdy, somewhat obsessive and soially inept are often among the personal qualities of successful technology professionals. These are not qualities many people of any race aspire to.

Want you know how to spot the highly paid techies in the lobby of a five star hotel? They're the ones who look as though their clothes were bought in charity shops and their hair was cut by their mother with kitchen scissors.

Want to know how I got on whe I don't exactly look nerdy? I was a mediocre programmer, the intellectual skills were there but I became bored too quickly to be good. However I was a very good systems analyst and a great communicator. There has always been a dearth of those in the industry.

Now instead of trying to create race issues where none exist how about we address the issue of black supremacy in the popular music industry, the track and field athletics business or some such thing.

Update (dammit I nearly forgot the punch line — oh well it’s late on this side of the pond.
I guess you could sum up the imbalance in tech recuritment by using the paraphrase “Technocractica nascitur, non fit.” (which roughly translasyes as Techies are born not made.)

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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