And that open wound will never heal while people like the author of this article insist on rubbing salt into it. I know a lot of U.S. liberals are into self flagellation but at some point the past must be laid to rest. We should not forget or rewrite our history and the inglorious episodes must be taught, but not to the exclusion of the glorious ones.
It is the practice of people who write such self — flagellating pieces to refer to slavery as if it was confined to Britain and the USA. The roles of France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands and Italy are coyly overlooked.
It is also rather hypocritical to talk of “the daughters of ex slaves” still walking around today, when there are actual slaves still toiling to make money for their owners today. These people are sub Saharan African or South East Asian and they are working in the mines and factories of Africa and the sweatshops of China, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia. And rather ironically, as I’m sure John Cleese is aware, the people who now are yelling most about the evils of slavery as it was operated 200 years ago are benefitting from the exploitation of people working in slave conditions (they are, for the sake of decency, termed indentured labour but you should take time to check out the T&Cs of their indentures before falling for that ruse.) It is quite hard not to be benefitting from their labour, we all use gadgets and wear clothes that, if not fully made in those nations, use materials and components made there.
It is almost impossible to avoid using tainted products, just as it was for our ancestors to avoid using sugar grown on plantations but it is the liberals who love to flaunt their iPhone 666s or $500 designer training shoes.
I’ve never really been a Twitter user but I know how the site works, (I opened an account once but only visited two or three times before deciding it was not for me,) tweets do not have to have any contextual link with the tweeter’s previous contributions and being British, therefore aware of what has been going on I can say the tweets posted by John Cleese were not references to Confederate leaders. BLM in the UK and their allies the EkSTINKtion Rebellion crusties and Antifa neo fascists have been demanding the removal of all sorts of statues in the past couple of weeks, many of them with no connection to the slave trade and some whose only connection with the issue was that they were leaders of the campaign to abolish it.
One statue the thugs tried to destroy was of former Prime Minister William Gladstone who tried to persuade the British government to support the Union in the U.S. civil war because the Confederate states supported retaining slavery, in another incident the Liverpool street named Penny Lane, celebrated in a Beatles song,was vandalised because some idiot got hold of the idea that it was named after a slave trader named Penny. This is not the case, not only was Penny Lane so named before Mr. Penny was born, but there is no proof he was involved in the slave trade.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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