“Anarchism has failed.”

I disagree, I also disagree that capitalism, socialism, libertaranism, conservatism and the rest have all failed. It is centralisation that has failed. It is not the ideologies that don’t work, but BIG. Big socialism does not work as evidenced by The Soviet Union, but little socialism worked well for The Levellers, The Diggers and other North European anabaptist communities back in the seventeenth century.

Big Conservatism does not work as evidenced by the total craptangle Theresa May’s Conservative government have made of Brexit, but small conservatism works as we can see from the survival of Amish communities in the USA, tribal societies throughout the third world and the close knit communities in remote places such as island settlements.

Big Anarchism cannot work, big society has to be organised and organised anarchy is a contradiction. But small communities of like minded individuals, without any hierarchic governing structure can exist. As Terry Pratchett wrote in his Discworld novel The Thief Of Time, “In any contest between order and chaos, chaos will always win because it is better organised.

In small communities with no formal organisation people have to get on so they organise themselves in much the same way as nature, the biggest and most complex and apparently most chaotic organisation, on the planet, organises itself.

You want to save humanity Caitlin? So do I. Let’s try to persuade The Power That Be to stop centralising everything thus messing up the natural order, and let us organise ourselves in smaller units according to local circumstances.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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