Actually Christina I think your current phone has mined matter. Did you mean will not have mined matter? That would certainly be an interesting technology. Unless of course the people promoting it are Musk style con artists and don’t count recycled rare earth metals as having been mined because the metal has been through a few incarnations since it was originally extracted.
Second point, civilisation is not the driver of extinctions, evolution is. Have you any idea how many species evolved and became extinct before humans emerged? Sabre toothed cats are a good example, those massive incisors were a definite advantage when hunting Aurochs (like modern cattle but more that twice the size, the cave bear (12 feet high on its hind legs and weighing a ton, giant rats (five feet high and ten feet long excluding the tail — imagine one of them in your basement,) but because the most successful members of big cat species, by natural selection, kept feeding that big tooth gene, paleo — zoologists believe the teeth eventually grew so long the cats could not open their mouths properly. Thus they, and all the species I mentioned, for various reasons became extinct, probably around the time that men first stood erect.

We only have highly dubious estimates of how many animal and plant species became extinct of course but you can be sure it was far more than exist now. Extinction is as natural as birth and death. But shutting down civilisation to save evolutionary disasters like the Giant Panda and Giraffe is just about the craziest idea ever. They were heading for extinction before modern humans invaded their environment.

BTW don’t feel sorry for me, I’m fine — save your pity for those deluded half wits who support Extinction Rebellion.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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