About 1500BC, according to the best (but still very flimsy) evidence we have, the idea of the father god, and paternalistic societies, seems to have arrived from the far east and taken hold in the area between The Himalayas and The Mediterranean. At that time northern European pagans still worshipped The Mother. Gradually the angry, jealous male God took over and the sacred feminine was demonised, but up to the first century, the time of Boudicca, caste and status were passed through the female line, which is why Boudicca was so pissed off when Roman soldiers ‘adulterated’ (made impure,) the wombs of her young daughters.
History tends to treat the warrior queen of the Icenii as a one of but another Celtic warrior queen gave the Romans a hard time, until they bought her off in some dirty deal which increased her power in northern England. It is a mistake of course to think of Britain as a coherent nation back then, it was a mass of tribal kingdoms as this (not entirely accurate but near enough) map shows.

So we should not see Cartimanduas deal with Rome as a betrayal on a par with Theresa May’s Brexit deal, but a politically astute act that served the interests of her people. The reason history has forgotten her is that she never attacked London. Even when the island had about 25 fractious little nations it was Londoncentric.
The history of that period may have been written by Roman and Greek males, but the reality of the sexual balance of power west of the Alps was ‘equal but different. Even now there is a strong thread of paganistic womb worship in the versions of Christianity west of the Alps and north of the Pyrenees.
Perhaps to get back to the kind of equality you want, rather that the notion that women must compete with men in everything, perhaps we should dump the abrahamic model and get back to pagan style worship which involved getting very drunk or having lots of sex (or both if you could manage it.)

BTW, Tolkein’s Orcs take their name from folklore, the word being a contraction of Orcadian, someone from the land of Orkney, which at the time King Lot of Orkney would have been giving King Arthur a hard time were any of the Arthurian characters real, Orkney was not just the archipelago off north east Scotland, but a big chunk of northern Scotland as well. It was fashionable then as now, to describe enemies as ugly, stupid and ignorant.

If you are ever in northern England I can take you to the actual Green Dragon Inn at Hardraw where Tolkein drank while on his walking trips in the 1920s and 30s, it’s not far from where I live. There’s no guarantee you’ll see Hobbits in the public bar but the food and beer are good.

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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