A refreshingly realistic article to find on Medium, recently the endless stream of self righteousness and virtue signalling, and the usual bigotry that lies behind such content, has been making me wonder if this site is worth the effort.

People should vote in their best intertests and the best interests of the communities they live in.

Things that occur on the other side of the planet, or that happned hundreds of years ago should not be a consideration yet we see propaganda aimed at guilt tripping people into thinking these issues are the most important issues today. But 200 years ago the world was an even more cruel and brutal place than it was now, and many parts of it are still cruel and brital - there are still supposedly civilised countries where a boy and girl of different faiths or social classes may be muredered by their families for falling in love. This is just one example of what life can be like in places that I often see cited as examples of how we in the liberal democracies should organise our societies.

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