A poignant narrative to our lost cities and our lost humanity Colin, but unlike you I don’t see anything to be optimistic about in the prospect of The Silicon Valley Sociopaths Society gaining even more control over our lives. Those dysfunctional billionaires who are so paranoid they are constantly investing ever larger wads of their ill — gotten gains in developing ways to surveil us in even more minute detail, the better to manipulate out thoughts and behaviours.

A world in which humans can only communicate with each other through electronic media might be a Silicon Valley psychopath’s wet dream, but it would be a nightmare existence for sane people. We communicate in many non — verbal and non — visual ways, ways not understood by modern science (though they were understood by our ancient ancestors, but for such communication to happen we need close personal contact.

The response to the COVID — 19 epidemic could not have been more destructive and wrong headed had the “scientists” who advised government lockdown was the only way to stop the virus, had they intentionally been trying to trash the global economy.

Maybe it’s time for civil disobedience to convince politicians that they are our servants, not our masters and that we the people (or the thinkers among us at least) are not happy at being placed under house arrest because some OCD afflicted “scientist” is quite happy to put millions of lives at risk in the economic collapse that will surely follow the lockdown, than to admit his “mathematical models” of the pandemic,(aka guesswork and assuptions,) are wildly inaccurate and hopelessly wrong.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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