“A growing array of people on the left and the right are questioning how policies meant to stop the virus are being implemented”
This is true, but right from day one some of us were questioning whether the lockdowns would halt or only delay the spread of the virus while deliberately wrecking the global economy would, on a longer timeline, cost many millions of lives, mostly in Africa, South East Asia and South America.
We should not overlook the weasel words of propagandists as they try to draw us into the mass hysteria.
Here in the UK we were hearing about people who died of COVID — 19, then we started to hear of people who died with Coronavirus (i.e. they died while carrying the infection but it was not the cause of death, now news reports are referring to “Coronavirus — related deaths,” which means if an old person with underlying health problems dies in a care home where one of the residents has tested positive for coronavirus, the death of that person who, remember, was not affected by COVID — 29 is recorded as “coronavirus related.
That is how statistics are being massaged and manipulated to maintain current high levels of fear and panic and thus control us.
I’m with the protestors and ask this question to people in the thread who ask how would these people feel if they or their loved ones became critically ill.
Does it not occur to those who are being manipulated to the extent that they are living in fear, that maybe the protestors have weighed up the level of risk (statistically very small,) and are willing to take it?
We take a risk every time we leave our homes we could be in an accident or be the victim of a violent attack. I am at risk now, sitting here in my comfortable lounge typing this comment. Heart attacks or strokes can hit is without advance warning, tumors grow unnoticed, so we cannot avoid that risk. When we go out we accept a certain level of risk. So the question we must ask ourselves is “Do I feel lucky?” Or more likely, “Am I willing to accept the risk in order to continue living our lives as we wish?
After all, we will all die of something one uh, wha? durrrrgh,,,,,,,,

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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