Have you ever had the feeling you are being watched, you are under the surveillance of unseen watchers, your every move is being tracked, they even know your thoughts? Welcome to the Panopticon. Digital technology makes possible the nightmare world envisaged by well meaning but misguided eighteenth century Utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham …

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An artists impression of a Panopticon (Picture: pattheponderer, wordpress )

We live in a surveillance society. We are watched every day by cameras in our towns and along main roads, details of our financial transactions and social interactions via the internet are saved to databases and analyzed by software to build a picture of our lifestyle, habits, preferences and peccadillos which will be available to those willing to pay. …

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Voltaire (picture: media.stanford.edu )

All’s for the best in this, the best of all possible worlds,” is a phrase often used by Voltair’s fictional philosopher Dr. Pangloss, and sums up his philosophy perfectly.

“Dr. who?” you might well ask because few people today are likely to be familiar with Pangloss or his philosophies. Dr. Pangloss was created by the French writer Voltaire as friend and mentor to the main character in the satirical novel “Candide”. …

I always like to come up with a just for fun spooky gothic horror offering for Halloween. Here is one of my favourites, written a few years ago, with a few notes on the folklore references down at the end.

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A bargest or demon dog

Bargest (Halloween Horror)

Who would climb the windy height
and walk the lonely moor at night
when Hunter’s Moon is high and bright
above old Demdike’s Tower,
and in the shadow of the hill
when all is silent, cold and still
wait for the darkest hour?

The weak will creep, the brave will run
but none will stay to see the sun
rise and dispel the things that shun
its warmth and light and power;
the forces that thrive in the dark
and stalk and strike but leave no mark
as they destroy and devour. …

Imagine a world with no fossil fuel burning SUVs cars and trucks, no polluting coal fired or oil power stations and no CO2 emitting aircraft. Sounds a bit like heaven? OK now imagine a world with no smartphones, no laptops, TVs — flat screen or otherwise, no electric vehicles, no plastics, no man made fabrics like polyester, no natural fabrics like cotton — intensive agriculture techniques produce loads of CO2 plus pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers all put toxic chemicals in the environment, while wool and silk exploit animals; a world with no cheese or butter, the full list of human activities that damage the environment would go on for several pages so let’s cut to the chase. …

While I’ve been away, suffering from a case of acute COVID fatigue things have been happening in that great big world outside the confines of Medium.
One of the big stories in Britain at the moment is the stream of small, unseaworthy boats crossing the English Channel from France to land migrants illegally on British soil (other crossings, Turkey to Greece, Lebanon to Cyprus and Libya to Italy are still being used of course. The government is doing its best to stop this human traffic, although the numbers are small, while amid the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth from vitue signallers, the left are calling for the migrants to be welcomed and given work permits. But would that help them, or the families they left behind in their homelands. …

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Picture: BBC News

The 4 month lockdown imposed by government on the advice of “scientists” whose mathematical models of reality predicted 500,000 deaths from a virus that realists in the medical profession said poses almost zero risk to healthy people under the age of seventy, may have indirectly caused 16,000 excess deaths in two months, according to government analysts. This is what those medical realists, sensible people in the world of business and a few honest scientists (the kind who believe science is rooted in understanding reality, not playing with mathematical models,) predicted at the outset.

This blog was one which warned that if lockdown was imposed the long term consequences would be more deadly than the virus, had we protected those known to be more vulnerable (the old and frail and people with long term health problems,) We were not alone of course, many thousands of bloggers and alt_news sites gave out the same message, that lockdown and the other measures imposed by government were an insane panic.

The latest report from The Office of National Statistics (ONS) says a reluctance to attend A&E and difficulties accessing medical assistance likely meant that for every three deaths from coronavirus itself, a further two occurred because of the wider impact of the lockdown.

And this is only the start. Down the line you can expect premature deaths from cancer, cardio — vascular problems, diabetes and a host of other heath issues to pile up because of delayed diagnoses and treatmeants due to the lockdown.

These findings provide a possible explanation for the prime minister’s recent claim that another full national lockdown would only be considered as a “nuclear option”. It would be nice if Boris and his gang admitted they got it hopelessly wrong and fired all the “sciencetits” special advisers and civil servants who supported lockdown, and promised never to listen to such Cultural Marxist idiots again

The ONS estimates, supported by and analysts from several government departments, suggest there were 38,500 excess deaths in England connected to COVID-19 between March and 1 May, a figure that is due to be revised downwards due to counting errors according to government sources.

However, the report concludes 41% of those deaths were the result of missed medical care rather than the virus itself.

Of the 16,000 deaths, the report estimates 6,000 were as a result of a “significant reduction in A&E attendances and emergency admissions”.

It states: “Some of this is unmet need, possibly due to patients’ reluctance to seek medical attention or other changes to protocols.”
The report states that the other 10,000 excess deaths likely occurred in care home settings due to patients having been discharged from hospitals, or not wanting to be transferred to hospital.

Although the calculations found that 2,500 lives may have been saved by people adopting healthier lifestyles during lockdown, the modelling suggests there could be a further 26,000 excess deaths by March 2021 as a result of ongoing restrictions to medical care. We can ignore that bit of course as it is based on mathematical models.

Overall the analysis estimates there could be a total of 81,500 non-coronavirus excess deaths as a result of longer waiting times for non-urgent elective care, as well as increased deprivation resulting from a deep recession. The document was presented to the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) last month, but was only released on Friday 7 August. It’s surprising they released it at all, although there are signs accept having lost control of the situation as nobody believes a word of the propaganda any more and people are ignoring mask rules and social distancing and heading for the beach. to enjoy the few days good weather we are due for. …

The Hague, 30 July 2020:

The government of The Netherlands announced today that public that there will be no legal requirement on people to wear masks in public spaces as a measure to slow the spread of COVID — 19 coronavirus. The announcement from the nation’s capital stated that the effectiveness of mandatory masking of citizens remains unproven.

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Netherlands unmasked — Picture: Olaf Kraak, AFP / Getty

The Dutch Minister for Medical Care Tamara van Ark said the decision had been made after a review of evidence for and against masking by the country’s National Institute for Health (RIVM).

The official advice for preventing spread of the virus from person to person is for better adherence to social distancing rules. After confirmed coronavirus cases spiked over the past seven days, Reuters reports that Van Ark told at a press conference in The Hague “Because from a medical perspective there is no proven effectiveness of masks, the Cabinet has decided that there will be no national obligation for wearing non-medical masks.” …

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U N Gen Sec Antionio Guterres in lecturing mood (Picture via WND)

As the world continues to grapple with the deadly consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, only one thing is certain in its wake: a new model of global governance is coming and the globalist body is doing all it can to hurry its arrival.

Well we did try to tell you this is what the great pandemic hoax was about.

The Portuguese international socialist made these remarks as he delivered the Nelson Mandela Lecture on Saturday. He also referred to the need for the U.N. to address “the huge gaps in governance structures and ethical frameworks” the epidemic has exposed. …

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Workers in a Leicester sweatshop (Picture: Leicester Mercury)

In a scenario resembling the inaction of the authorities in the face of blatantly illegal activities by the notorious grooming gangs that targeted and sexually exploited vulnerable and under — age girls, a newly published report has revealed British police and government agencies have ignored the existence of ‘sweatshops’ full of mostly South Asian heritage workers in the British fashion industry over fears that they would be called racist. Home Secretary Priti Patel has suggested that “cultural sensitivities” led police and other employment authorities to ignore the exploitation of illegal workers in textile factories and warehouses in Leicester, for the same reasons as police and social services departments overlooked grooming gang rapists operating in cities around Britain.

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Picture: 21st Century Wire

As the COVID — 19 pandemic rolls on with the mathematical modellers, the masked snivellers and the vax maniacs still unable to offer any logical prognosis of why measures taken have not worked as well as was hoped (or in some cases not at all,) we need to look at the news from Sweden. Not long ago, when the government of Sweden decided on a limited lockdown in order to protect people in the groups most vulnerable to the virus, while preserving the national economy and the jobs of the majority, establishment pundits and mainstream media scaremongers were falling over each other in the rush to tell Sweden it was totally irresponsible ot to completely lockdown the entire population, that COVID — 19 was far worse than anyone understood and that “you watch, if you don’t do what the globalists at the United Nations and the WHO tell you karma will come and bite you on the arse. …


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